As a whole, Integrated Circuit is a grouping of photographic and sculptural works, which look to technology to consider anew our relationship with the natural world. The objects in Integrated Circuit, acknowledge that while technology might mediate, and in many ways dictate, our understanding of the world we inhabit, it is not wholly distinct from it. Integrated Circuit views technological advancement as an evolutionary development, and as such, a development of nature itself. As an example, System (2016), literally links the two by way of a liquid cooled desktop computer, which re-circulates nutrient rich solution through a hydroponic garden. In System, computer components, which depend on the nutrient rich solution to cool them, bare no hierarchical advantage over the plants it shares an echo system with.
Future Artifact

Electroplated Croc test4.jpg
Composition with Blue and Yellow

LCD TV, Mini Blinds, Extension
Cord, Single Chanel Video

Desktop PC,
Water-cooling components,
Extruded Aluminum
T5 Grow Light,

Phase Changing Artifact

Electroplated Vaporizer,Formica, Pedestal
Portable Garden for Neutral Outfit

Hip Pack
Active Portable Garden

Wheat Grass, Hip Pack
Pedestal with Recreation

Archival Inkjet, Extruded Aluminum
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